Create Art with Silk Fibers

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Silk fibers, wool fibers, papers, fabric scraps, unraveled threads, textile hardener, and watercolor provide the foundation for a colorful and tactile experience.  Get your hands dirty, don’t be afraid to get messy, and enjoy the experience of colors and textures while creating beautiful art pieces.  Materials are provided, but if you are more adventurous, bring glass, metal or ceramic vases, bottles, cookie jars, or any other vessel or shape (not made of plastic).  You’ll be amazed at the transformative nature of these materials.  Watch my YouTube video for an introduction to silk fibers:
3-hour class, all materials provided, bring an apron or use one of mine.
You will leave with 1-2 pieces you can hang, even as ornaments!
Location: Studio 106 in Cottonwood Center for the Arts
or we can come to your location!  Inquire at 719-213-9469 or